Thursday, August 10, 2017

Common Causes of Bathroom Drain Clogs and Toilet Repair

Some plumbing issues cannot be avoided and call for the immediate assistance of a local Charlotte plumbing contractor. But clogging a drain in your tub or shower can usually be avoided and the same goes for a clogged toilet. Here are some of the common causes for bathroom drain clogs and toilet repair, all of which can be avoided.

Multi-ply Toilet Paper
Some people prefer multi-ply toilet paper, but too much ply can spell trouble for your toilet. Some multi-ply varieties of toilet paper are very thick and can build up in pipes over time, causing an eventual clog.

The reason why you should avoid throwing Q-tips or cotton balls in the toilet is simple; they are made of cotton. The cotton is tougher to break down than most people realize as it can start to accumulate quickly in your plumbing Charlotte NC.

Some people would be amazed if they knew just how much hair went down their bathtub drain. Shedding hair is an unavoidable part of bathing, although investing in a good drain cover will lower your chances of ending up with a clogged drain.

Any family with children is going to have toys scattered throughout the home. This includes the bathroom, where toilet repair is often required because some type of toy found its way into the toilet.

They have the capability of inflating when flushed down a toilet and could become a bulky obstruction in your home plumbing. Rubber gloves can also cause the same problem.

Using too much soap and shampoo during a shower could lead to drainage problems in the future. It is not just the soap that is the problem. Soap builds into a residue and then acts as a magnet for other debris. A lot of things can catch on to a buildup of soap and quickly cause a significant clog. Make sure to rinse well to try to avoid this problem.

Bath Salts
These products may look appealing, but they do not always dissolve so easily. When bath salts only partially dissolve, they leave behind traces that could lead to a severely clogged tub in the future.

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