Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Most Common Plumbing Problems During The Winter

The winter months mean much colder temperatures, which can take its toll on a home’s plumbing. Here are the most common problems to look for when winter rolls in with frigid weather conditions.

Pipe Burst

The most common problem with plumbing during the winter months occurs when a pipe bursts. This is caused mainly by improper insulation as pipes that are exposed to frigid temperatures could wind up expanding due to the frozen water inside. The best way for homeowners to prevent this from occurring is to have their pipes winterized. This is a simple process for a knowledgeable plumbing contractor Charlotte NC if time constraints prevent you from doing it yourself.

snow covered home and yard, winter home

A Break in the Water Line

In every home, there is a service line that brings water into the home. Those water lines can become withered by age and deterioration, although there are ways of trying to prevent a break in the line. Leaving garden hoses out during the winter months can increase pressure in the water lines, especially when temperatures dip below freezing. Make sure to disconnect garden hoses in the winter and it also helps to make use of the shut off valve to the outside water supply.

Water Heater Stops Working

In colder temperatures, hot water heaters have to do a little more work to function properly. Also, problems that were there in the summer could go unnoticed. A bad water heater part or sediment in the tank could really turn into a major problem come winter. To avoid being without hot water, take the time to check the temperature on your water heater and ensure it is at a setting capable of withstanding colder temperatures.

Sump Pump Problems

Most basements are equipped with a sump pump which functions to remove water and keep the area dry. When the weather turns cold, there is always the chance of its lines freezing. Sump pumps have something called a discharge pipe and when that freezes, there is a good chance the sump pump could overwork itself and burn out. A properly graded discharge pipe will better ensure there are no blockages and prevent freezing.

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