Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to Identify a Main Line Clog in Your Home

Drain cleaning is a lot more complex than just pulling some hair out of a clogged shower drain or unclogging last night’s leftovers from underneath the kitchen sink. Sometimes, drain cleaning involves problems with the main sewer drain.

toilet clog
A clog in the main line needs to be identified right away, but it can be done by homeowners. The way to check this is to first identify the home’s lowest fixture, which could be a floor drain. It could also be a toilet or even a shower. Once that fixture is located, look for any problems. If there is nothing discernible, test it by flushing a toilet on the floor above. If water begins to seep from the lowest fixture when the toilet flushes, it is an indication that there is a clog in your main sewer.

So Why Exactly Does That Happen?

Clogs could come from flushing things down the toilet that were not meant to go down there. Items like paper towels are not intended to be flushed, among other things. This may also be no fault of the homeowner and simply an act of nature. Outside tree roots sometimes extend downward and infiltrate the main line, causing a clog as seen in the photo below.

 The problem could also be caused by a bad house trap, which isolates the plumbing in a home from the main sewer. It also keeps pests out and safeguards the plumbing from gas.

When a problem with the main line is diagnosed, it is important that it be taken care of right away. A failure to do so could be costly as the problem goes well beyond just an annoying drip. A clog in the main line could lead to a backup of sewage to the point where it starts coming up out of the drains in a home.

This could lead to severe damage to the house or call for a complete sewer replacement which can be a costly expense. As soon as you detect a problem with the main line, the first and immediate move should be to contact a professional plumbing contractor.

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