Thursday, January 10, 2019

Things to Do Before Installing a New Water Heater

Hot water heaters are essential in every home, although not all homeowners are well-versed on when their water heater should be replaced. Here are some helpful things to do before contacting your Charlotte NC plumbing contractor.

Assess your Heater

Take some time to learn what type of water heater you currently have installed in your home. Gas and electric are the two most popular versions while tankless heaters are not as common. If you are not certain what type you have, a vent pipe coming out of the heater and exiting the house is an indication of a gas heater. Also, be sure to identify the age as most tank water heaters last from 8-10 years. Lastly, find out the size, which could hold 40, 50, 75 or even more gallons of water.

Gauge Your Satisfaction

How satisfied are you with your current water heater? Smaller sized heaters could leave you without enough hot water to finish a shower. You may want to consider a new water heater installation. Satisfaction mainly comes with enough hot water you have to meet your demands. For example, larger families are better suited with tankless water heaters as the supply is unlimited because it heats water on demand. How happy you are with your current size heater will determine which size you should get next.

Measure Energy Efficiency

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Water usage can account for up to 15% of your monthly energy bills. Last year, new energy efficiency standards were also established in the United States, which means that newer model tanks are built with more insulation to ensure higher levels of efficiency. Electric water heaters are also more efficient than gas water heaters, although tankless heaters are far and away the most energy efficient of them all. It’s important to know just how much you are spending on your water bill every month. 

Determine Emergency Status

Hot water heaters often break without the slightest warning. Emergency status means that your hot water is susceptible to breaking and this most often occurs during the winter months. The drastic differences in temperature from inside and outside forces contracting and expanding within the heater. Heaters that are upwards of ten years old automatically fall into emergency status. Older models could show obvious signs of rust, unusual noises or changes in water color. Failing to act before the water heater breaks could bring quite a bit of damage to your home. 

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